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About Us

Since 1995 Janadhar is working with the rag pickers, population comprising of economically and socially backward group, Leprosy affected people.

It's a common scenario that Leprosy affected person is socially deprived, neither do they get any job opportunity. It's very hard to sustain for socio-economically backward people that too Leprosy affected. Inspite of having self esteem, an individual is left with no other option than begging. These people come together and support each other in various ways.

Mahatma Gandhi Kustdham is one such hamlet, where total population is 425. Similarly another hamlet Vilas Nagar, comprising of 728, wherein women work as rag pickers and men clean the sewage, and work in similar unorganized sectors. The major part of income earned is wasted in alcoholism by the men, due to which women have to shoulder major responsibilities, which in turn also forces their children to earn for their livelihood by working as rag pickers, shoe polishers etc. In the same hamlet, out of 160 children only 23 go to school and remaining 127 children work for their livelihood.

Janadhar came into existence viewing this social plight. It took almost 2-3 years to communicate and develop rapport with them. Many ideas were implemented, through frequent meetings and discussions. Keeping in mind the various health problems a health centre was setup with the help of doctors. Women Self Group was also formed which helped the women to save little portion of their income, which was used for their business. This made them realize the importance of Savings. They felt the necessity for a regular job.

JANSEVA GHAN KACHARA VYAVASTHAPAN SAHKARI SANSTHA (janseva solid waste management co-operative society) was formed in the year 2003 for self employment and co operative basis.

In addition to that experiments such as making of washable mattresses from plastic bags, preparing biogas from waste food, making a biomass from foliage and branches are successful. We plan to take substantial steps in this regard. In short urban waste is valuable and can be used wisely for human welfare.

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